S'PORT Press Release 9.03.2021

In this new era of student-athletes having the opportunity to profit off of their name, image and likeness, only 0.5% of student-athletes have been able to take advantage of it so far!

S’PORT is here to change that.

S’PORT, pronounced “SUPPORT” is a newly released mobile platform for ALL student-athletes to profit off of their name, image and likeness by interacting with their biggest fans. For only $10 per message, fans can interact with their favorite student-athletes on a private, secure platform, to motivate them on game day, congratulate them on hitting a game winning shot or just provide some words of encouragement. Players receive 70% of the profits from each message. It’s about time student-athletes can receive support in a way that motivates them and puts some cash in their pocket.

Fans, especially family, old coaches and teachers, have helped these student-athletes get to where they are today. Now all fans can directly support student-athletes in a way that makes a true impact. In return for the fan’s support, they are guaranteed a response from the student-athlete and an action picture that S’PORT turns into a digital S’PORT Card as a keepsake.

It’s about time!

For more information visit https://showyoursport.co

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